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The pink wall has gone !

A 3.8 meter drop, matching pattern and slopping ceiling. Plus difficult ladder placement 😳 but generally successful operation. Fay in charge of technical methodology, Dane in charge of ‘working at height’ operations 😂😂 I think the light fitting needs an upgrade now.

oh, and a new bannister too 😀

New decoration

After a small leak, and damage to the dining room ceiling, we decided to do a bit of extra decorating.

This is the new paintwork and wallpaper in the dining room:

Lock Down activity

It’s been a busy few days with decorating work, but Fay has also completed some ‘phone rounds’ of elderly and vulnerable people for the Food Train. Unfortunately, the list she was working from was for people in a different part of D&G so we’re not likely to bump into them when this is all over, but Fay enjoyed the chats. Made a change from talking to me

Merrick in March

A wee solo jaunt up The Merrick today. Saw a couple of other people too. The photo doesn’t do the wind justice. Let’s just say I had to approach the summit cairn on all fours.

Got any carrots?

Arran the biggest stag at the Red Deer Range on the New Galloway road out of Newton Stewart. We use the Red Deer Range as a good turning-round point for cycle rides from The Stables.